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    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Understanding what content performs better

    3. Utilizing Facebook Post Boosting

    4. Utilizing User Generated Content

    5. Alt-text for social media "SEO"

    6. Tagging brands and ambassadors to increase views

    7. Prioritizing when your fans are online

    8. Link tracking with Bitly

    9. Test your knowledge

    10. Practice your skills

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    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Saving time with saved responses

    3. Understanding the types of inquiries you receive

    4. Filtering by sentiment

    5. Ensuring your team upholds your brand’s voice

    6. Using the Salesforce Integration

    7. Test your knowledge

    8. Practice your skills

    9. Up next...

    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Competitive Benchmarking Reports

    3. Adding pages and profiles to benchmark

    4. Test your knowledge

    5. Practice your skills

    6. Up next...

    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Engaging with untagged mentions and community conversations

    3. Adding owned data to your social listening

    4. Test your knowledge

    5. Practice your skills

    6. Up next...

    1. Engage Advanced Certification Exam Overview

    2. Engage Advanced Certification Exam

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How long is this course?

  • 40 mins


Whitney has over 7 years of Meltwater experience. Her experience includes account management, client support, community building, customer education and more. Whitney is passionate about helping customers learn the in's and out's of their Meltwater products to ensure they are used to their full potential in the global media intelligence and social media marketing space.

Whitney Williams

Manager of Customer Education

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