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    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Discovering Influencers with Visual Search

    3. Discovering Influencers with Hashtag Search

    4. Discovering Influencers Based on Your Customized Brand Score

    5. Test your knowledge

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    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Ensuring an Influencer is the right fit for your brand

    3. Advanced Vetting with Landscape View

    4. Test your knowledge

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    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Predictive Portal

    3. Custom Deliverables

    4. Content Approval

    5. Collaborating on Campaigns

    6. How to navigate the HQ Dashboard

    7. Test your knowledge

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    1. Exam Overview

    2. Certification Exam

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How long is this course?

  • 40 mins


My focus is to enhance our Klear courses. This comes from my prior experience as a Customer Success Manager at Meltwater, specializing in Klear. The realm of influencer marketing is an ever-evolving landscape, and I'm excited to enrich our content to help you navigate it effectively.

Zach Lepard

Customer Education Program Manager

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