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As the Global Vice President of Market Innovation and Transformation at Meltwater, Ajay holds a pivotal role as a senior go-to-market (GTM) leader and thought leader. He consults large organizations and helps them strategically leverage external data to support their medium to long-term ambitions and underlying survival. Ajay is at the forefront of Meltwater's GTM strategy in combating misinformation and disinformation. His collaborative efforts with senior leaders aim to address the challenges posed by harmful narratives and falsehoods. Additionally, he guides technology development and partner integrations on the company's Enterprise executive product steering team, driving seamless progress in this vital space. With a keen interest in emerging communicative technologies, Ajay emphasizes their ethical deployment at the intersection of strategy, product, and marketing. His holistic approach and insightful perspectives make him as an invaluable asset within the industry. Ajay's commitment to guiding organizations, leveraging external data, and fostering ethical practices cements his role as a trusted advisor. With his guidance, businesses can effectively navigate the information ecosystem, driving their long-term aspirations while ensuring they adapt and thrive amidst evolving challenges.

Ajay Khari

VP Market Innovation & Transformation