Course curriculum

    1. Course Overview

    2. 6 tips to save time and be efficient in following this course

    1. What is reputation? What are reputation monitoring objectives?

    2. What is a crisis and how can a crisis impact reputation?

    3. How to measure reputation and crisis on online and social media?

    4. 💡 Test your knowledge

    5. Discover your case study

    1. Project tour - the basics

    2. Spotting a Crisis / The sentiment Analysis

    3. 💡 Test your knowledge

    4. Understanding a crisis

    5. 💡 Test your knowledge

    6. Setting up an alert based on a negative words (word blacklist)

    7. Measure the impact: has my brand lost its appeal?

    8. 💡 Test your knowledge

    1. Take a look at how our superhero project was created

    1. How to read what you see

    2. 💡 Test your knowledge

    3. Understanding what an insight page is

    4. Creating an insight page step-by-step

    5. 💡 Test your knowledge

    1. Why export your data?

    2. How do you put in place a Coverage Review?

How long is this course?

  • 45 mins

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