Course curriculum

    1. Course Overview

    2. Adding users

    3. Setting up social profiles

    4. Up next...

    1. Creating your brand search

    2. Narrowing down your search with filters

    3. Validating your search

    4. Creating your search library

    5. Searching for specific topics

    6. Searching for social media content

    7. Searching for authors and key publications

    8. Quick tip: refining results using case sensitivity

    9. Test your knowledge

    10. Up next...

    1. Tracking your organization’s media coverage

    2. Automating your brand monitoring

    3. Monitoring for critical information

    4. Quick tip: navigating the platform

    5. Test your knowledge

    6. Up next...

    1. Sharing quick insights with your team

    2. Measuring the impact of your work

    3. Creating a media coverage analysis spreadsheet

    4. Sharing alerts to your collaborative spaces

    5. Distributing newsletters

    6. Quick tip: monitor wherever you go

    7. Test your knowledge

    8. Up next...

    1. Next Steps

    2. We'd love to hear your feedback!

    3. Additional Training

How long is this course?

  • 60 mins


Margot has over 10 years of experience in customer education, communications, and marketing. She has worked with top Fortune 500 companies as a trusted advisor at Sysomos and Meltwater. Margot is passionate about helping customers connect the dots and find their “ah-ha!” moments with global media intelligence and social media marketing.

Margot Underdown

Manager of Customer Education

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