Course curriculum

    1. Course Overview

    2. Why follow a Learning Path on Social Data Core?

    3. 6 tips to save time and be efficient in following this course

    1. What is a web metric?

    2. Each platform and website offers its own metrics

    3. 💡 Knowledge check

    4. Not all metrics have the same meaning

    5. 💡 Knowledge check

    6. Discover your case study

    1. Radarly simplifies access to all these metrics

    2. 💡 Knowledge check

    3. Understanding Influencers

    1. Some metrics are only available/visible in social listening software

    2. Going from monitoring to extracting insights with Linkfluence Radarly

    3. Leveraging demographic data

    4. Obtaining and analyzing geographic data

    5. Image recognition

    6. 💡 Knowledge check

    1. 6 key elements to remember

    2. We'd love to hear your feedback!

    3. Congratulations!

How long is this course?

  • 45 mins

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