Course curriculum

    1. Everboarding Methodology & How it Works (Optional)

    2. Course Overview

    1. Deep Dive + Value: Facebook Post Boosting

    2. How to use Facebook Post Boosting

    3. Quiz: Facebook Post Boosting

    1. Deep Dive + Value: User Generated Content

    2. How to use User Generated Content

    3. Quiz: User Generated Content

    1. Deep Dive + Value: Measure: Owned Social Dashboards

    2. How to create Owned Social Dashboards within Measure

    3. Quiz: Measure: Owned Social Dashboards

    1. Deep Dive + Value: Salesforce Integration

    2. How to use the Salesforce Integration

    3. Quiz: Salesforce Integration

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About this course

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Whitney has over 7 years of Meltwater experience. Her experience includes account management, client support, community building, customer education and more. Whitney is passionate about helping customers learn the in's and out's of their Meltwater products to ensure they are used to their full potential in the global media intelligence and social media marketing space.

Whitney Williams

Manager of Customer Education

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